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Portfolio Reviews | Constructive Feedback Sessions

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One of the best ways to improve your photography is to seek constructive criticism on your work. 

Critiquing our own work can be very difficult, especially while still learning the art and craft of photography.  It's very easy to be too attached to our own images and lack the ability to be objective due to the amount of work we put into them or be too emotionally attached when the subject matter is very close to our hearts. 

Photography is however, extremely SUBJECTIVE and not everyone is going to agree about every image but there are certain technical and even emotional aspects of every image which can be critiqued in a fair and constructive manner. 

Cam has been a state and national awards judge with the AIPP for over 12 years and has been a Membership Assessment Portfolio Reviewer for  over 5 years so he is very accomplished at reading images and providing feedback to help photographers improve their shooting and post processing techniques. Cam is experienced in most styles of photography so whether you are a landscape, sport, wildlife, portrait, art nude photographer or any other style of photographer, he will be able to provide you with valuable feedback. 

There are three different options for obtaining constructive feedback on your images from Cam. 

1. Online Critique $65 - Upload a maximum of 20 jpeg images you would like feedback on to Dropbox prior to making payment so you can send the link through with the booking. Cam will then make notes next to each image in Dropbox and will email you once it is completed so you can review the comments. 


2. In Person or Skype Critique $125 - This review is for a maximum of one hour but with no maximum number of images to be critiqued and can be done in person in Cam's Brisbane studio or via Skype video call. For in-person sessions, bring along your images as either prints, on an iPad or on a USB drive. For a Skype session, you will be required to send the images via a Dropbox (or similar) link prior to the session to allow Cam time to review the images. Cam will contact you after you have made the booking to arrange a suitable time for the session. 


3. Recorded Video Critique $175 - For this review, Cam will screen and voice record himself providing contructive criticism on your images and once completed, will upload the video to a private link on Vimeo for you to either watch online and or download. A maximum of 20 RAW files should be supplied to Cam via a Dropbox link for this video review. Cam will load your images into Adobe Lightroom and do some basic adjustments to your images as a guide on how they might be improved via post processing. Allow up to two weeks turn around for this video critique. 

You can book and pay for a Portfolio Review session below or if you wish to discuss your options, don't hesitate to contact Cam

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