As the current restrictions around running events show no signs of altering to a point where we can run a regular graduation show in the near future, we have worked to create an alternative to performance for your Term 2, selected online course and selected Term 4 routines that we hope you're as excited to take part in as we are!


Rather than performing to an audience, we have taken inspiration from our For The Gram series, where we will be performing our routines for the camera.  To create an even more special outcome, we will be filming from two angles for a professional edit, and also be photographing your performance as well.


We have done our best to create a schedule for rehearsal and performance for each of the routines with full details below.  We fully appreciate that the times and days may not suit everyone, however we have tried our best to still offer an opportunity that is fun and fabulous during this tricky time.


In order to take part in the performance on film you must (NO EXCEPTIONS):


* Be proficient in your class routine - I recommend socially distanced group rehearsals with your class mates, use your existing Facebook groups to organise this


* Organise the costume as instructed by your tutor and have it in full at your rehearsal.


* Be available for both your rehearsal and filmed performance times


* Process a payment of $40 (Headliners is $50) to Cam Attree Photography using the button for your routine below.  Payment must be finalised 14 days before your rehearsal date in order to proceed.


* Each routine must have a minimum of 5 students wishing to take part in order to proceed.


* If you have returned from overseas or had contact with anyone returning from overseas within 14 days or are exhibiting cold and flu symptoms you will not be permitted to take part.  Please help keep us all safe and be honest about your situation if this applies to you.


* Any routines with close physical touching will be altered in your rehearsal to remove these elements.  Some routines cannot be altered, and they will be held over to a more suitable time when we can proceed.

* All activity will take place in Studio 2, Level 1, Metro Arts *