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BYGONE BEAUTIES is another styled mini shoot event in the vain of the popular Postcard Dames. Live out your vintage fantasies and be photographed by Cam Attree in one of two distinctive studio sets with styling and posing assistance by vintage queen, Lorelei Jones. 


As dusk falls over Old Town Prague, famous painter Alfonso Mucha wanders around the crowded cobbled streets. Whilst walking across the Charles Bridge, he is struck by the exquisite beauty of the most magnificent muse he has ever encountered. The sun reflecting off the Vltava river created a kaleidoscope of colour to silhouette the goddess's ethereal beauty, casting hues too sublime to express with words. Only the paintbrush could attempt such a task. Could you be the Nouveau Nymph of Mucha's dreams? Floral crowns, draping fabrics, and elaborate accessories will accentuate your striking beauty in front of a nouveau styled background.


In the early years of the compact camera, there was no sight more worthy of a sparking flash than the Ziegfeld Follies. Whilst their shows were a display of precision and prowess, backstage these dressing room dames were full of candid charisma. Adjusting stockings, applying rouge, and fastening headdresses - every photographer longed for the opportunity to capture their backstage beauty. With a set surrounded by mirrors, flowers, feathers, and a cheeky tin of rouge - you'll grace the front page of the Gazette!


You will get 20 minutes in front of the camera and the choice of how much or how little skin you show will be entirely yours. If you wish to be photographed in both sets with different outfits, it would be advised to book two time slots to maximise your time in both sets. Otherwise, you can also split your session between both sets but you may be restricted to just one outfit. 

The sessions will run from 11am to 1pm and again from 2pm to 5pm. 

The cost for this very special opportunity is just $199 and places are limited to a maximum of 15 so don't delay in booking your preferred time slot.

Within a week of your shoot you will be presented a gallery of the best images captured, from which you can choose three to be edited in vintage style.


*We ask that you arrive at the studio at least 20min prior to your time slot with your hair and makeup done and your costume / outfit organised. If you are interested in having your hair and makeup professionally done here at the studio, please comment on your booking so we can arrange that for you for an additional fee.

Bygone Beauties Vintage Sessions (Saturday)
Bygone Beauties Vintage Sessions (Saturday)
13 Feb 2021, 11:00 am
Cam Attree Photography
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